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Hometown Hero

60ml $16.49 | 100ml $24.99

25PG/75VG | 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg Nic 


Ambrosia – Ripe citrus, sweet melon, and plump berries.

Angel Tears – Luscious watermelon, fresh berries, and coconut.

Angels Breath – A frozen version of Angel Tears.

Holy Fritter –Apples on apples, and some cake for good measure.

Legend – Banana rum, the perfect vape to go with your leopard print jet ski.

Red Dream – Award winning kettle corn drizzled with strawberries and cream.

Rice Crunchy Squares – Thick and delicious rice crispies with marshmallows.

Stormy – The perfect rainy day vape consisting of cucumber citrus soda.

Sun Drops – A splash of summer blended with passionfruit and sweet tea.

Why So Cereal - Raspberry crunch cereal.

Wild Buffalo – Old fashion craft root beer with vanilla bean ice cream.

Witch Doctor – The tobacco vape that you’ll love, "even if you hate tobacco vapes".


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