The Founder’s Collection

30ml $18.00 | 60ml $28.00

25PG/75VG | 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, Nic

American Blend - Lighter tobacco blend with a mild sweetness. 

Bluebacco - Delicious tobacco blended with fresh blueberries.


Cuban Supremo - Full-flavored Cigar blend that will please any aficionado.


Dune - Full flavored Turkish tobacco blend with a dry finish.


Krush - Light menthol tobacco blend.


Menthol Extreme - Light tobacco blend with extra menthol.


Neo-Port - Full flavored tobacco with spearmint and a heavy menthol finish.


Shaded Sunset - Perfect light tobacco blend with a sweet finish.


Smokey Pool Hall - Emulates a classic, full cigarette flavor.


Smooth - Medium menthol tobacco blend.


Special Blend - A smooth tobacco blend for a cowboy in the country.


Whatever's Cheapest - Basic tobacco flavor.