Sweet & sour with a hint of almond
Red Bull and Cinnamon Red Hots with a kick
Dragon Fruit and Cinnamon Red Hots with a kick
Lemonade and Cinnamon Red Hots with a kick
Monster and Cinnamon Red Hots with a kick
Jamaican Rum and Cinnamon Red Hots with a kick
Drink of the islands (Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut)
Very Tasty, Blueberry Red Bull flavor
A refreshing flavor
Sweat and creamy (Butterscotch and Irish Cream)
Smooth, sweet, and creamy
Delicious and delightful (Your choice of fruit flavor)
Your choice Cola, Black Cherry, Cherry, Vanilla…
Smooth & creamy by its self or add your favorite flavor
The gingerbread man got loaded on Jamaican Rum
A delicious recipe for a Fireball Shooter
Perfect balance of Peachy, Orange flavor and sweetness
Just like the classic drink. (Amaretto, Mango, Pineapple, & Rum)
Choose your favorite flavor for a tangy refreshing vape
Choose your favorite flavor for a delicious creamy treat
Cool and refreshing (Jamaican Rum and Key Lime)
Monster, Sweet and Sour with a cool hit
Red Bull and Jamaican Rum
Smooth and creamy like the drink
Jamaican Rum and Island fruit mix
Jamaican Rum and a three berry fusion
Like the drink (Peach, Pineapple, and Orange)
Just like the classic drink (Tequila and OJ)
Cool and Sweet (Watermelon, Strawberry, and Lemon)

Tobacco vapes

Black Cherry Tobacco
Black Honey Bourbon
Black Honey Tobacco
Butternut Tobacco
Captain Black
Chillin' Menthol
Cowboy Blend
Dark Honey Menthol
DK Tobacco
Green Apple Tobacco
M Type Tobacco
Menthol Delight
Peppermint Ice
Red Type Blend
Red Type Rum
Smooth Bourbon
Smooth Dream
Smooth Flavor
Smooth Menthol
Spearmint Ice
Tobacco Dream
Wintergreen Ice

Fruit vapes

Adam’s Apple
Chocolate Strawberries
Citrus Cooler
Cool Apple
Creamy Berry Explosion
Dragon Cherry Ice
Dragon Menthilla
Dragon’s Blood
Dragon’s Drool
Dragon’s Milk
Fruit Chill
Fruit Sours
Island Blend
Just Peachy
Peaches and Cream
Pineberry Frost
Summer Sparkler
Tiger’s Blood
Tropical Fruit
Watermelon Frost

Candy & Cereal vapes

Andy’s Mint
Apple Sours
Candy Cane
Chocolate Coconut Bar
Rice Crunchy Treats
Fruit Loops
Gummy Bears
Juicy Fruit
Junior Mint
Malted Milk Balls
Peppermint Patty
Vanilla Cream

Beverage Vapes

Amaretto Sour

Atomic Bull

Atomic Dragon

Atomic Lemonade

Atomic Monster

Atomic Rum

Bahama Mama

Blue Ox

Blueberry Margarita

Buttery Nipple

Caramel Cappuccino

Champagne & Fruit


Cream Soda

Drunk Gingerbread Man                            
Fire Ball Shots

Fuzzy Naval



Monster NRG

Red Rum

Root Beer Float

Rum Runner


Sex on the Beach

Tequila Sunrise
Watermelon Straw Granita

Not too sweet with a little cinnamon
Ripe bananas with a hint of nuts 
Just like the dessert but without all the calories 
Chocolate, Strawberry & Bavarian Cream 
Choose your flavor: Apple, Banana, Cherry, Orange, Peach…
Tastes just like yellow cake batter
Sweet tasty caramel marshmallows 
Double Chocolate and Sweet Caramel
Tastes like a yummy warm Cinnamon Roll
Like the Orange and Vanilla Popsicle
Vanilla with sweet cream and a little menthol
Not too sweet with a touch of spice
Double Chocolate, Marshmallow and Coconut
Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate
Delicious warm Peach Cobbler
Peaches and Vanilla Ice Cream
Tasty raspberry vanilla dessert with a hint of banana
Toasted marshmallow & chocolate on a gram cracker
Yummy and sweet cookie
Strawberry Ice Cream with Whipped Topping
Vanilla mint dessert
Very tasty but not too sweet. Add whipped cream, or pecans

Coffee vapes

Caramel Frappe
Chocolate Coffee Mocha  
Coffee & Cream
Double Choco. Frappe    
Kahlua & Coffee
Kahlua & Cream     
Kahlua Leche
Peppermint Mochaccino    
Vanilla Frappe             

Sweet black cherries and tobacco
Sweet honey tobacco and Bourbon
Sweet honey and tobacco
Dark, rich tobacco with nutty after taste
Slightly sweet creamy pipe tobacco flavor
Menthol, Cream de Menthe with a cool hit at the end
A light tobacco that’s not to sweet or to bold
Sweet honey with dark tobacco and menthol
Almost caramel or toffee sweetness with rich mild undertones
Mild tobacco flavor with a hint of sour apple
Very tasty and robust tobacco flavor
Tobacco, Brown Sugar and Caramel with Menthol
Peppermint and Menthol with a cool hit at the end
Closest thing to a Marlboro Red
Red Type and Jamaican Rum
Caramel tobacco with a hint of fruity taste
Smooth and mild with sultry finish and hints of nutty oak
Smooth flavor, with Caramel and Vanilla
Smooth, clean, and mild with a fruity aspect
Wintergreen, Spearmint and Menthol with a cool hit at the end
Spearmint and Menthol with a cool hit at the end
Dark rich tobacco, Caramel and Vanilla
Dark, rich, and full flavored
Fire Cured light tobacco flavor
Wintergreen and Menthol with a cool hit at the end

Sweet and delicious
Delicious coffee caramel
Coffee and rich cream
Strong rich and chocolaty
Coffee liqueur in rich coffee
Coffee liqueur Smooth and creamy
Coffee liqueur and Dulce de Leche
Smooth sweet and delicious with a hint of peppermint
Smooth and creamy

Desserts & Sweet Vapes

Apple Pie
Banana Nut Bread
Banana Split
Bavarian Cream Donut
Bubblicious Bubble Gum
Cake Batter
Chocolate Caramel
Cinnamon Roll
Fluffy Vanilla
Gingerbread Brulee
Marshmallow Cup
Neapolitan Ice Cream
Peach Cobbler
Peach Twist
Raspberry Vanilla Dessert
Strawberries and Cream
Sweet Vanilla Mint
Waffles & Fruit

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Monday - Saturday  10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Great after dinner mint
Tasty Green Apple a little sweet and sour
Traditional red & white striped candy
Tastes like a Mounds Bar
Yummy Cap'n Crunch nuggets
Sweet marshmallow and rice crunchy treat
Fruity just like the cereal
Like vaping jelly candy bears
Tastes just like the gum
Yummy cool minty chocolate
Creamy chocolate coated malted milk balls
Cool, Sweet Peppermint
Lots of fruity flavor
French Vanilla and Whipped Cream

Starlite Vapor

If yer smokin', you'd best be on fire!

Green Apple and Menthol with a cool hit at the end
Fruity and tangy (Raspberry, Mango, Pineapple, and Strawberry)
Ripe strawberries covered in dark or white chocolate 
Four citrus fruits blended together with a cool hit at the end
Apple, Peppermint and with a cool hit at the end
A burst of berrylicious in a creamy dessert
Dragon Fruit and Cherry with a cool hit at the end
Dragon Fruit, French Vanilla, and Menthol
Creamy, and addicting! (Dragon Fruit, Strawberry & Cream)
Blend of Dragon Fruit and citrus
Sweet and creamy! Dragon Fruit, & Dulce De Leche
Strawberry, Peach and Coconut
Your choice of fruit flavor with a cool hit at the end
Your choice of fruit flavor with a sour twist
Raspberry, Mango and Lemon, Yum
Tropical island fruit mix. Guava, Mango, Pineapple, & Banana 
Combo of Juicy Peaches and Cinnamon
Peaches and Sweet Cream
Pineapple and Strawberry with a cool hit at the end
Watermelon and Strawberry with a cool hit at the end
Strawberry, Coconut and Pineapple
Watermelon, Mango and Pineapple, Sweet
Watermelon with a cool hit at the end